A rewards mechanism that incentivizes network creators to collectively decentralize the last mile of the internet

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The Ecosystem

There are new roles in the ecosystem to decentralize the last mile with wireless technology, agnostic to any specific equipment or vendor. The key roles are:


The organization responsible for providing a device access to the Internet


The property owner hosting a wireless access point, serving as the gateway from the device to the operator


The entity responsible for validating devices and connectivity in the network

In this ecosystem, a device connects over wireless to a host access point, routed to the operator as the gateway to the Internet. Validators confirm the device and traffic before a transaction is written to the blockchain. When this system is replicated to provide a device with two or more choices for hosts and operators, a decentralized network is formed. 

Proof of Connectivity

The ultimate goal of decentralization is broadband for all people and things, at desired speeds and intended locations. The proposed consensus mechanism validates this goal, providing proof for sponsors of the network. Proof of Connectivity must validate:


  • An Internet-enabled device is connected to a wireless access point at a host location
  • The device and/or user is validated as authentic 
  • Traffic is confirmed to meet broadband thresholds


  • The host location servicing the device matches the registered location with the operator
  • GPS, or equivalent, is used to validate host location
  • Device is within range of host, validating its location

The Rewards


The network creation token is the reward for participants in the ecosystem to build and maintain a decentralized last mile. Using the Proof of Connectivity consensus mechanism, rewards are generated for validated broadband connections, encouraging further growth.

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