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Our Project – A SatFi Network


The Airwaive Project intends to bring affordable, broadband Internet access to many areas of the world that lack this capability. By leveraging satellite technologies to provide Internet backhaul, coupled with long-range WiFi access points at ground locations, high-speed Internet can be shared to make it affordable for all. Furthermore, utilizing DePIN principles allows a network to grow organically and be sustainable with the right token incentives. Github link.


Led by JDI Global, the hardware leader for the Helium IoT network, Airwaive has brought together a team of wireless and satellite experts, along with a marketplace with millions of host locations to serve as WiFi access points. The first city piloting the SatFi network is expected to launch before the end of 2024.


A summary of the tokenomics are as follows (for details see the white paper):

  • Hosts (property owners) purchase equipment to build local networks
  • Users purchase and stake tokens to get access to local WiFi networks
  • Hosts earn tokens based on the number of users connected and other metrics

Investment Round – Details

Raising USDT $1M 

Raising USDT $1M on a $50M token valuation in what will be the last round before the project’s token generation event (TGE). 

Use of Proceeds

Completion of SatFi hardware and software for the testnet launch in its first city, and subsequent listing of the Airwaive token.

Timing of Token Generation Event

SatFi testnet in one city is expected in Q3 2024. The launch of the token is expected shortly thereafter in the Q3/Q4 timeframe of 2024.

Token Lockup Period

Investor tokens are locked from TGE to 2 years thereafter, unlocking linearly each quarter until TGE+2 years.

Existing Investors

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