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Affordable broadband Internet. Check your address for service.


In a world where digital access means opportunity, millions remain in the shadows, cut off from the global conversation and economy due to a lack of affordable broadband. SatFi is stepping into the breach, offering a beacon of hope.


SatFi reimagines connectivity, leveraging satellite technology to beam affordable, high-speed Internet to anywhere on Earth. Join us in connecting communities with shared satellite service, available on any WiFi-enabled device.

SatFi – How it Works

Satellites Beam Internet to Hosts

Satellites orbit Earth transmitting broadband internet to even the most remote areas. This ensures universal access to the digital world, overcoming traditional connectivity barriers.

Hosts Transmit Long-Range WiFi

At “host” locations, specialized receivers capture these signals and use long-range WiFi to distribute the internet over distances up to one kilometer with neighbors.

Users Connect to Broadband

Users within the WiFi network’s reach easily connect to the internet without needing special equipment. From smartphones to IoT devices, everyone gets broadband internet.

Token incentives

An Incentive Network to Connect the World with Broadband Internet

The technology is possible. Satellites bring Internet to all corners of the world. And long-range WiFi makes it possible to share Internet from satellite host sites. The missing piece is the incentive network that rewards hosts for creating local wireless networks.

Want to become a host?

Early hosts that join the network will receive early rewards and reserve select locations that are needed to build Internet networks. Register for the waitlist to be notified when Airwaive is ready for your location.

Global Reach

Expand internet access to every corner of the world


A network built by the people, for the people

Token Incentives

Earn rewards for contributing to the network’s growth


Easy Setup

Start sharing or accessing high-speed internet in minutes

Fast. Reliable. Internet.

"It's essential that everyone in the world has access to broadband Internet"

– Terrence Howard, Actor –

Internet for all

Token-Enabled WiFi

Any WiFi enabled device within reach of an Airwaive host. It’s that simple. Smartphones, computers and other WiFi devices register and connect to the network for Internet access. Users of WiFi devices purchase and stake tokens for access to the WiFi network. Hosts build and maintain the network and have every incentive to provide fast, reliable Internet service because the Airwaive network grants hosts tokens based on these metrics. 

Join the Community

Excited about the possibilities of SatFi bringing affordable Internet to your location? Join our Telegram community to learn more, provide feedback and help make decisions about our initial rollout and locations.

Trusted by Investors

At Airwaive, we’re privileged to work alongside top investors in the blockchain industry, whose support drives our vision forward. Yet, we’re always eager to expand our network, welcoming more industry assistance to help us realize our goals. With collaborative efforts, we’re poised to redefine blockchain’s impact on the world. Join us in shaping the future of this transformative technology.

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